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Dropbox Paper as a Knowledge Base

Knowledge, Productivity, Dropbox, Google · Published the 11 Nov 17
926 words · 5 min read
When I started working as a developper almost 10 years ago, there was so much to learn, and using books or the web was so useful it helped me progress quickly through my different tasks. It was hard ot find the right information, but once my knowledge was so small, it was easy to find it again later on. Then I moved from C to C++, did some PHP, then focused on Java, then Python and now Javascript.
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My Todoist Weekly Routine

Blog, Productivity, Todoist, Workflow · Published the 23 Sep 17
681 words · 4 min read
I’m always losing track of what I have to do, and even sometimes what I want to do. I can forget because I was told to do something while being deeply focused on something, or because too much has happened between my decision to do something and the moment when I have time to do it, or any other reasons. To stop forgetting things, I’ve been using Todoist for a few weeks now, and I love it more and more.
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