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How I Dockerize My Server

Blog, Docker, Git, Nginx, OVH · Published the 09 Sep 17
907 words · 5 min read
To host this blog, I bought a VPS SSD 2 server on OVH. It’s 7€ per month, has a decent amount of storage for my current needs, and I will be able to build some apps on it. I could have gone with a classic shared hosting, but I wanted to be able to build my blog directly from my server. To do that, I dockerized everything. But why? First, for a simple reason: To be able to test my configuration locally before deploying it.
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Git Prompt With Go

Code, Bash, Git, Go · Published the 02 Sep 17
1038 words · 5 min read
Some years ago, I wrote a custom git prompt with bash. I upgrade it a few times to fix bugs or add some features, but more and more I was discourage to rework it only because it was in Bash. My knowledge of Bash is slowly decreasing as now I make most of my scripts in Python or Javascript, and having to remember everytime how to do simple things like doing a loop or extracting values from a string demotivates me every time.
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